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I created my first blog in 2015, but completely abandoned it in 2017 when my work life became to hectic, but now I want to share my life and journey.


What you can find here...

Behind the seams

Friday night goals! 🎬 #pobolycwm

Working in the Film and TV industry is not for everyone, but a surprising amount of people think that costume or any other role behind the scenes is glamourous- its far from it! Working twelve hour days, eleven day fortnights, in pouring rain, and in the middle of the woods is no mean feet.
I want people to know what it is really like the ups and the downs, to know if they can work in this industry. 
So these posts are behind the seams as well as things I wish I knew when I started in this industry.

Beauty and styling

When I'm not working, makeup is a huge passion and love of mine. I own far too much of it and I don't see anything changing about that- other than adding to the collection.
From reviews to storage, new releases to golden oldies  heres my say on it all.


My most cherish memories are of exploring new places- whether thats new cities, coastal paths, foreign places I want to see it all.
Heres my take on the best places to go and what places are on my bucket list.